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About Us

Welcome to Neviim.

Some believe the success of the business is determined by the idea of the product. People bought the ideas, some inspired, some stole, by the ideas. But not all of ideas are buit to last. Some fail due to their sustainibility and scalability. In the end, idea is just shoots in the soil. What makes them grow big and strong?

The right applied technology is the root of today business implementation.This is what Neviim stand for. We help businesses have their root strong. We design and create technology system that maximizes businesses potential through their data-driven system. We know the tools, the knowledge and the experience in data industry.

Neviim is Data-driven IT consultancy. We take our part in digital businesses movement by doing both enterprise-level and small-medium-level IT Consultancy focused in database and middleware consultancy.

We Aim Impact
Neviim believes that the best solution is not only solve problem but also drive impact. This belief is resembled on our vision: To be the biggest Deep Analytic Provider in Indonesia. and our mission to drive impact to our customer's business with insights from their data provided by the solutions from Neviim.

Our Address

/Root Jl. Green Lake City Boulevard Ruko Great Wall blok A no. 17-19 Kelurahan Duri Kosambi, Kecamatan Cipondoh, Tangerang 15416 E:

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