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Find IT! 2019


indira pravianti14 Januari 2019

Find IT! 2019

[ Future Innovation and Discovery IT 2019 ]

Greetings, IT Enthusiasts. We are thrilled to announce FIND IT! 2019 officially begins now!

Below are the fields you can choose!

  • Data Analytics
  • Software Development Competition
  • UX/UI
  • Business IT Case
  • Competitive Programming
  • Competitive Programming (for Highschool students)

Register your team here : http://findit.ft.ugm.ac.id/

Rules : http://ugm.id/juknisFindIT2019 (University students), http://ugm.id/juknisFIndIT2019SMA (High School students)

Take your skills to the next level as you compete against other IT Enthusiasts for a shot at up to IDR 56 MILLIONS!

For more information, head to our social medias:

  • Line: @hqx0844o (click here: ugm.id/OAfindit)
  • Instagram: instagram.com/findit_ugm
  • Facebook: fb.me/finditugm
  • Website : http://findit.ft.ugm.ac.id/